About Me (Emma McDonald)

I work in a library in West Sussex – which gives you a lot less time to read books than you’d think. My hobbies are the typically fairly dull ones of writing, reading, walking (okay, running – but not fast!) and other than being able to make my tongue touch my nose I am in all things unremarkable. On the plus side I don’t believe in writing what you know so there’s every chance my books are interesting.

I’ve harboured a love for regency romances and fantastical fiction since I was a little girl and my work is a fusion of the two genres. (At some point there will be enough historical paranormal/fantasy romance to make it it’s own genre with a snappier name but until then…). So it has magic, vampires, werewolves and the odd angel all set in the rarefied world of regency England circa 1800. There’s also romance, and a bit of spying. (I am honoured bound to point out that my characters are useless spies and if anyone has a time machine and a reasonable skillset my spymaster general would love to hear from you)

I currently live in West Sussex, which isn’t quite exciting enough for my characters so they spend a lot of time in London and The North (which isn’t exciting either, but I grew up in Cheshire and lived in Carlisle for a bit so they have to make do). Some of the places in the books are made up – some of them aren’t. You can, for instance, visit the kennels at Somerset House – but you’d have a difficult time trying to pinpoint the village of Methelston on a map. I also spend a fair amount of time in Brighton as that’s where the writing groups I go to are based. (waves at the bunnies!) My characters are generally fairly unhappy about the fact that they have yet to persuade me to take them all to Brighton – despite various comments about how a little sea bathing would set them up for life.