Tea and Typing

I like tea.  Not black tea, but green tea and white.  I prefer it to be flavoured, usually with flowers, but citrus and mint will do.  (I’m not a fan of flavouring tea with a bunch of tropical fruit but will make allowances if it’s iced.)

If you’re wondering what this has to do with writing then to be honest nothing much.  I have the odd character who drinks tea (okay most of them do, they’re wealthy regency characters – it’s practically a hanging offence to not indulge) but I can hardly claim it’s research.

No, the point about liking tea is that I like it.  I’m not an expert, though I can tell you I like white peony over silver needle.  Similarly, I like writing and I write things I like.  Genre fiction, usually romance, occasionally straying into gothic, with a bunch of repetitious magical tropes and mostly set in the same off-kilter magical regency world.  It’s not expertly researched (although I try), or properly literary, but it’s mine, and it pleases me.

So tea and writing, both things about which I can only really say that I know what I like, but only one is going to be a main topic of this website.  (Yes, it will probably end up being tea, but you never know!)


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